Verhoef’s – Chauffeur-driven Car and Limousine Service

Additional Services

  • Confidential mail service

Our parcel service gives you the best quality in delivering your confidential mail and all other matters that you don’t want to give to an average parcelservice.

  • Direction

Our large experience in directing all kinds of transportation is also available for our clients. If you want to concentrate on your core business, let us take care of your transport needs.

  • Planning systems

Through our custom made planning systems and modern communication facilities, location and distance pose no obstacle in administrating responsible and high-quality direction of your transport needs.

  • International transport

You need transport abroad? We can be at your service as well. We have access to a worldwide network of excellent carservices. Using Verhoef is the easy way to take care of your groundtransportation, where ever you are.

  • Conventions etc.

Through years of experience, we have obtained the know-how in administrating very large projects. If you are organising a convention, seminar or other large meeting, we are not only able to carry out the passenger transport, we can arrange the entire organisation of the conveyance. When large transportation projects are involved, it is very important that the company you are dealing with be able to anticipate unexpected changes in the planning of your passenger transport. Since our dispatch office operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Verhoef’s Special Car Service is able to provide all the necessary flexibility. We will accept any order or changes upon earlier bookings at any time and carry them out accordingly.

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